2019.11.21 16:30

【Nine Performances】9 Cities 9 Faces

Date: 2019.11.21

Time: 16:30

Venue: GMDC Theater


Nanning - Wang Yujue

Duration: 3 mins

Choreography & Performance: Wang Yujue


Adversity is based on the application of strength while dancing and it also shows the dancer’s attitude towards adversity.

Wang Yujue

The choreographer is a graduate student studying choreography at Guangxi Arts Institute School of dance.


Hangzhou - Bai Xiao, Li Run

Duration: 5 mins

Choreography & Performance: Bai Xiao, Li Run


In ancient times, the Guqin is often mentioned together with the Se, which is recorded in many ancient poems.

Compared with the simplicity and elegance of the Guqin's sound, the sound of the Se is broad, peaceful, stretching, and elegant, which sounds more friendly.

As far as the characteristics of sound are concerned, the sound of the Se seems to be between the Guqin and the Guzheng. It can be said that the sound of the Se is in harmony with the harmony of the Guqin and the music, but it is different from each other.

Bai Xiao

National second-class actor, Choreographer. Currently, he is a teacher of the dance troupe of Zhejiang song and dance theater. He has won the second prize of the Fourth North China five provinces dance competition, the gold prize of Singapore International Art Festival, the first prize of the East China six provinces dance competition, the second prize of the ninth national dance competition, the second prize of the eighth lotus cup, and the second prize of the performance of the lotus cup modern and contemporary dance competition. His work“Jin Se” won the performing award of the first Yangtze Delta dance competition.

Li Run

Graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy. At present, he is the chief of the dance troupe of Zhejiang song and dance theater. Has been awarded: The second prize of the ninth Taoli Cup; the first prize of the six provinces dance competition in East China; the first prize of the seventh lotus cup dance competition; the second prize of the Ninth National Dance Competition; the second prize of the eighth lotus cup; the second prize of the performance of the lotus cup modern and contemporary dance competition; the first prize of the performance of the Xinsong plan individual dance competition; and the work prize of the first Yangtze River Delta dance competition.

So, Pursue

Xi’an - Changhenge Art Troupe

Duration: 6 mins

Choreography:Xue Leikai

Performance:Xue Leikai,Wang Qian


When we find the direction and see the light in the life,we will vigorously pursue, so that the life becomes powerful and positive.

Changhenge Art Troupe

Founded in January 2008. It belongs to Shaanxi Huaqing Palace Cultural Tourism Co., Ltd. and mainly undertakes the performing task of the large-scale historical dance drama "Changhenge". Currently, there are nearly 100 performers, and they are a professional art performance group with strong- professional quality and innovative ideas. We always adhere to the value concept of openness, tolerance and excellence to absorb talented people.

Xue Leikai

The works compiled by the choreographer specialty of Beijing Dance Academy. We have been invited to participate in the National Modern Dance Exhibition. For three consecutive years, the works has been performed in the Beijing Dance Biweekly Exhibition. It was selected as the choreographer's works of the 4th Beijing Ballet and Choreographer Competition. It won excellent results both nationally and locally.

After one’s death

Chang Chun - He Huaming

Duration: 6 mins


The inspiration comes from a Buddhist scripture called Aparimitayur-sutra. Life is the continuation of death; Death is the transformation of life. One has neither lived nor died. Life and death are the same. What is there to be excited about and worried about? Beings are something from nothing, are lost because of having had something, are painful because of lost and grieved because of pain. As a result, death is not sad. Hope we can keep calm towards life and be easy towards death.

He Huaming

Changbai Mountain Art Star of Jilin Provincial Government Award. Dance piece “The King's Dancer" won the second prize in the performance of the Ninth Tao Li Cup competition. Trio "Go to town 2-back to town" won the eighth Lotus Award for contemporary dance works. "Antelope's coat" won the first prize of the 10th Tao Li Cup performance of cultural and art colleges; the gold prize of the second northeast TV Dance Competition of "Safety Zone" and the best nomination award of contemporary dance group of Chinese Dance Lotus Award. South Korea, the United Kingdom, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macao exchange.

In 2018, The Best Choreographer Award of Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition; In 2019, “Red in the Snow” won the Lotus Award.


Nanjing - Mirco Theatre

Duration: 7 mins

Choreography:Qian Min

Performance:Xiong Chen、 Cheng Ru


3.141592653589793238462643383279…We are experiencing the encounters and separations with each other in an endless cycle, finding ourselves and the meaning of life in the non-circular track of life.

Mirco Theatre

Founded in 2016, it is located in Nanjing. It explore various possibilities of choreography with the form of Body Theatre, and cooperated with Nanjing poly Theatre to establish drama dance workshops, also created works about theme of the body and the environment with many art organization in Nanjing, such as Pioneer bookstore, Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, The Memorial Hall so on. Has planned a series of dance workshops and invited young dance artists such as Wangyabin, Xiexin, Hushen yuan,Lixiang and Gujiani to discuss different thoughts on dance and body in diverse ways.

Qian Min

Choreographer, dancer, Xiexin Dance Theatre Visiting dancer; Major in Nanjing university of the arts dance college dance major, with bachelor's degree;Study in Nanjing university of the arts dance school dancing body language research direction, with master's degree.

Once participated in acting works including: funding project of China National Arts Found, talents training project of China Dancers Association, funding project of Yangliping’s Art Found, Yokohama Art Festival in Japan, 48th OYPR Art Festival in Finland, Oriente Occident Dance Festival in Italy, acting season of Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden in Germany, Hong Kong HOTPOT East Asian dance platform, “Lotus” talents training performance works, etc.

Choreographing working π won the Executive Director prize of the 15th International Dance Competition in Seoul, South Korea. Work Hard Road Home was invited to perform in the Youth’s Innovating Week of Shanghai International Art Festival, and obtained the research project approval of provincial scientific research project. Participated in A tale of two cities-talents across Taiwan Straits Project at Taipei national university of the arts; work elapse won the title of "top ten dancers" and "excellent choreographer" in Jiangsu “lotus” cup professional dance competition.

The New Virgin Land On the Other Side of The River

Huhehaote - QIYAN Dance Theater

Duration: 8 mins

Choreography & Performance: Chao BuLiGa


Our grassland is not what it used to be. The undiscovered, unexplored grasslands are like new virgin lands, standing on the other side of the river. The fear that the grasslands would disappear becomes a river running through my body. I overlook the grassland that I have never set foot on, feeling the surging inside my body.

KIYAN Dance Theater

The KIYAN Dance Theater was founded by the young teacher of the Inner Mongolia arts university, Sharia, and six students in 2019. The intention of the theater is to find a new way to interpret contemporary Mongolian national culture and to promote the development of local and contemporary dance art.

Chao BuLiGa

Chao BuLiGa (Mongolian) is studying at Inner Mongolia Arts University Dance School. He was the main character of the first physical theater Oasis in the Inner Mongolia, and it was performed in the 10th Beijing South Luogu Lane Drama Festival. His original work won a prize of excellence in the 5th China’s Mongolian Dance competition. Participating in “Little sisters of grassland”, and the work won the 11th Lotus Awards and the 16th Wen Hua Awards.

G + round

MO, CN - Stella & Artists

Duration: 6 mins

Choreography:Elzira Rosário

Performance:Claudia Lou, Cecilia Wong, 刘美桦


The circle is placed inside the square. Human being lives in the square and evolves in a changing environment given that square is static and circle is dynamic. Regardless of staying, isolation, offense, retreat or assistance, each influences one another. The causal relationship of each round is the outcome of the joint force of each individual.

Stella & Artists

Stella & Artists was founded in 2012, Stella & Artists (SA) is a contemporary dance company in Macao which aims to pass on the culture of Chinese dance while taking inspirations from our daily lives and incorporating them into dance creation. SA endeavours to promote dance education and cultural exchange between Macao and foreign countries. Through active collaboration with different dancers and artists, SA enhances dance and cultural development of Macao.

Elzira Rosário

Elzira is a member of International Dance Council CID UNESCO,Artistic Director of Macao Ballet Arts Association and also a Royal Academy of Dance Registered Teacher of Statue RAD (RTS). Elzira is currently the Managing Director, Company Ballet Teacher and Choreographer of Stella & Artists.

She is appointed as the Macao audition coordinator of the “Canaan Dance Ballet Project”. She has been organizing dancers with the company and participating in dance performances and exchange activities in Lisbon in Portugal, Brisbane in Australia, Seoul and Daejeon in South Korea, Beijing, Guangzhou of China as well as Hong Kong. In 2018, Elzira assisted in producing Dancers’ Nest Project of Japan, Korea and Macao in NDA Festival of Macao region.

Her recent performances include Losing Wetland for the Macao City Fringe Festival (2014), dance theatre Wander Girls on Tour (2015), Dancing to the Sound of Naamyam (2015), Reflections (2016), To Each Her Own City (2017) and I Remember (Beijing Dance Festival 2017).

The Bounce Of The Earth

Guangzhou - Union Crew

Duration: 5 mins

Choreography:Hertz Three, ZHANG Tuo, Liao Da

Performance:Hertz Three, Liu Xiaotian, Zhang Sihan, Xie Mengtao, Yuan Shuhao, Lin Hao, Zhou Zhuohui, Xie Penglong, Cui Yaochong, Zheng Endong, Han Chunye, Fang Xiaowei, Zhong Hualong, Deng Junhao, Ding Duyun, Liao Da


The inspiration and music of the work come from "River dance". There is no eternal existence in our life. We work here, fall in love here, construct here, fight here, and die here. We have seen disasters destroying this land countless times, and we have seen life re-growth again and again. The sun is rising every day, and the earth still rotates every moment, however, only life circulates in birth and death.

Union Crew

The union crew, founded in 2007, is a pure breaking style street dance crew based on college students,and one of very few top teams in China which is both well-educated and top technology. The crew is founded on a Higher education mega center,and the members are college students or postgraduate students who are from different universities in Guangdong. During the decade, the Union crew won many championships in various street dance competitions. In 2017 and 2018, the Union crew was the only college student team in the top 16 in Hustle And Freeze, which is a famous international professional competition in China. Besides,The Union is also the organizer of UBE(Union Bboy Event), a famous breaking competition in Guangzhou.

Hertz Three

Jiang hengzi, Hertz three. Started to learn breaking in junior high school and studied Chinese dance in senior high school. Now graduated from the department of dance of South China Normal University, majored in Chinese dance, modern dance and ballet in university. The interactive fusion between breaking, modern Dance, drama and Urban Dance is studied. From Guangzhou Union Crew and Speed-Hero, won the team champion of guangxi station of the "final battle of China" national hip-hop dance competition in 2017; Breaking champion of guangzhou HEMC street dance competition in 2018; In 2017, the first prize of guangdong university students' art performance, and the champion of Dance Showcase in 2019 Dance Win The World street dance competition.

In The Wind

HK,CN - Beyond Dance Theater

Duration: 40 mins

Choreography:Mak Cheuk Hung

Performance:Mak Cheuk Hung, Poon Chun Ho, Wong Yiu Kuen, Lee Hong Kiu, Ng Sin Sze


This is a story of a traveler and wind. It is maybe about seeking a place to return to, maybe about forgetting yesterday, maybe about giving up or leaving. Departure, lost, seeking, coming across, separating, setting off a journey of time, just as the Japanese literary giant, Osaka Dazai’s saying goes, “Youth is the flower of life, meanwhile, is the hell of impatience and loneliness. What shall be done, I have no idea. It must be suffering.”

Beyond Dance Theater

Founded by art professionals from Hong Kong, devoting the effort to promote contemporary dance performing arts, and establishing a cross-platform and cross-border medium for art exchange. The subject of the pieces mainly focus on the portrayal of humanity, observing life through dance. Continuously carrying out interwoven creation of various performing forms, the company seeks after a presentation with fusion of body and mind, creating diverse pieces in dance theater.

Mak Cheuk Hung

Co-founder of Beyond Dance Theater, studied at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, majoring in contemporary dance and minoring in ballet. He received several scholarships during his studies. He had also taken part in various local and overseas dance competitions and received several awards, before joining City Contemporary Dance Company (CCDC) in 2013. Mak’s was invited by New Zealand Atamira Dance Company as guest artist in2017.Joined Ballet Preljocaj-Pavillon Noir In 2018.He got invited as Geust Choreographer of Delattre Dance Company in 2019. He preformed in different country and city all over the world during his dancer’s career. In 2017, he started to be the tutor of master class and workshops in the world. He took up the position of Co-Producer of Hong Kong Winter Contemporary Dance Camp in 2018.