2019.11.20 20:00

Monologue(Hangzhou - X-Zero)

Date: 2019.11.20

Time: 20:00

Venue: Guangdong Song & Dance Theater

Duration: 60 mins

Choreography:Zhang Xi

Stage Designer:Zhang Xi

Screenplay Designer:Zhang Xi

Rehearsal Director:Lin Jiaxi

Visual director:Zhang Boyu

Lighting Designer:Zhang Xi

Performance:Lin Jiaxi, Li Shixiong, Yang Shangbing, Peng Mi, Cao Aodiwen, Yan Ruiying


This is a work about memory. I feel uneasy about the past existence and the unknown future. Sometimes I fall into a state of self-talk and self-separation. Am I the real me in the last second? I always wanted to escape from one memory, but fell into another.

We all have new memories all the time, and new memories become memories of the past. Our life is always forward, but the memory has been backwards. Memory is very strange, maybe we can see our past self through memory and inspire our future self, because only with memory can we be complete.

All memory retrieval requires an opportunity. In this work, the opportunity I choose is the various specific Spaces formed by six miter ladders. The ladder represents the communication between memory and the present. I imagined the ladder as a special space belonging to memory, just like putting dancers into the past, forming a variety of structures with different properties, so that people could continuously dig out their memories in the past and release their emotions suppressed for a long time. Time is deconstructed by repetition and memory is extracted by fragments. This unconscious overlapping repetition is interwoven with a stack of invalid sense of time to form a silent memory "soliloquy". But because of this soliloquy, we fall into new memories. It was as if it had never begun, or had never ended, and continued to exist in the endless memory of rebirth.

Zhang Xi

Zhang Xi is an independent choreographer and dancer based in South Korea, the co-founder and choreographic director of X-zero Dance Theater, Monologue. After Dark, and Speechless are among his most received works. Cao Chengyuan, who is known as “the pioneer of Chinese contemporary dance”, praised his works by saying: “There is a breathtaking emotional tension in his works-grave, restrained, but constantly threatens to erupt. Zhang Xi and his X-zero Dance Theater, is another Chinese name to be remembered bv the contemporary dance world.”