DAY FIVE 2017.11.29 - ||

Inspired by the classic fiction

2017.11.29 17:00-18:00

Venue:Guangdong Song and Dance Theater

The Demon Within

Company:Yang Hailong Studio

Choreography:Yang Hailong

Dancers:Yang Hailong、Niu Junjie、Zhang Chao、Jiang Wei、Li Bing、Xu Yiming、Feng Yanxun

Author:Wu Cheng’en

Playwright:Xu Junrui

Stage Designer:Gong Xun

Lighting Designer:Liu Hengzhi

Modeling Designer:Wang Jia

Costume Designer:He Xiaoxin


About the program:

The truth is often counterintuitive so easily obscured by what we want to believe.

Inspired by the chapter Monkey Subdues White-Skeleton Demon of The journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en, one of Chinese literal classics, all-male dance drama The Demon Within( Guǐ Huà )reveals the deepest humanity. In Chinese, Guǐ Huà not only means a demon inside one’s heart with fine transformations on a metaphor, but also for its homophone as “a lie” indicates murmurs in one’s heart as complex and weird lies on an analogy.

Without an aim to recur the original story, this work in the viewpoint of Sha Wujing (Friar Sand or Sandy), main character but with the least ink, focuses on his inner contradictions and psychological logic. Also it develops from obvious consequences to track down by following clues for initial causes in a similar third-person perspective.

The original meaning of Guǐ Huà is female beauty while the work is performed particularly by males. Characters seem to walk in a dense fog. What they see and hear can hardly be defined as real; however, nobody admits what they think as unreal because everyone lives in the world they sincerely believe in after all. The choreography allows his dancers to show the extremes of humanity with abandon and leaves a concern about the truth to audiences for the sake that we always select the answer that we want to believe in instinctively.

If what we see and hear were unreal, would we break those puffs to let bygones be bygones?

About the Choreography

Yang Hailong

Graduated from College of Dance, Minzu University of China, YANG has been Art Director of Beijing 9 dance theatre from 2015 .He was regarded as one of “Beijing 3 major dans)” (dan, an actor or an actress who plays female roles in Beijing opera) by media for his oriental modern style experimentally breaking the concern of gender with alluring, elegant and mature physical expression. His choreographic works have included Salome, xī yí, Flourishing Alone, Painted Skin (all-male dance drama) etc.