DAY FIVE 2017.11.29 - |

2017.11.29 14:30-16:00

Venue:Guangdong Culture Center Small Theater

Two Fish

Choreography:Yang Liu

Dancers:Yang Liu、Sun Xin

Music:MA Liang

About the program

Two Fish is inspired by a culture shock, Gaga technique from the west encountering a dancer from the east. Traveling stuff in Gaga technique for choreographer seems like a fish’s moving through her body and the place where traveling stuff starts from is equivalent to Dantian in Tai chi. Moreover, the term Taiji refers to a philosophy of the forces of yin and yang, related to such alternate and complementary things as gender, direction etc. The Chinese presents this idea by an image of two fishes. Also both the Taiji fish image and Pisces symbol share similar oriental beauty. Therefore, she named after it Two Fish to discuss about the relationship between males and females, companied with music made of ceramics of Jingdezhen( the city of ceramics in China) in the background of a masterpiece of WU Guanzhong( a contemporary Chinese painter). It is a song of oriental mermaid the east consisting of the technique from the west and the bodies as well as the image from the east.

About the Choreography:

YANG, a freelance artist, resides in Beijing. She visited and studied in the dance college of Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She creates her work from body itself, combining visual art and modern aesthetics as well as philosophy. Her works have included Two Fish, Floating Blood, Kiss The Memory etc.


Choreography:HUANG Chun-Jun

Dancers:HUANG Chun-jun, HUANG Lei, WU Qian, Zhu Bo-rui

About the program

Sh-h-h. Be quiet, sh-h-h…

About the Choreography:

Huang Chunjun, co-arts director of GDC, was a professional director of the Guangxi Music and Dance Troupe. Masterpiece for "Holy River", "Coffee Flavor" and "Filial Piety", "Scarecrow," "Mirror, Mirror," and so on.

About the Company:

“GuWu Theater” was established in 2001. Together with “DianDian Corridor”, “GuwuDiandian” have created many original works, and launched many education and outreach activities in Nanning. They have been the driving force for dance development in Guangxi Province. In 2011, GuWu and DianDian jointly established the “GOOD DANCE CENTER”. Apart from being a center for dance promotion, artistic innovation and international collaboration, the Center also houses the first independent professional contemporary dance company in Guangxi Province. HUANG Lei and HUANG Chunjun are currently the co-directors of the Center.

The Street

Company:Kabala Dance Theater

Choreography:XU Yiming

Dancers:ZHANG Tao、ZHANG Xuan、DING Guan-wang、LIU Zi-wei

About the program

A group of the young with their ideals goes into this unknown world of modern dance!

About the Choreography

Xu Yi-Ming was born in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. He joined Beijing Modern Dance Company in 2001 and became a founding member of LDTX . His major works include: “The Encounter of Confucius”,” Head Against Earth”’’Trailing the Sun” and others.

About the Company:

Kabala Dance Theater was established in April 2014, Yinchuan, China. It regards modern dance as the main body and combines with advanced drama art, experimental music, painting art, installation art by a connection with modern dance, outdoor environment choreography and indoor experimental theater in order to reflect the real side between people and society, between people and nature, among people and of humanity.


Choreography & Dancers:Lao Zhaowei

About the program:

X and Y, two English letters, represent two pieces of chromosome in biology and two unknown number in equation of math. This work XY presents the pursuit of equal rights, reduction of social discriminations and personal emotions and freedom. It is ridiculous that ostriches will stick their heads in sand when they are frightened because ignore the exposed part but feel safe. Is it really safe? Only by facing the difficulties and dealing with them can we stay in perpetual safety.

About the Choreography:

Graduated from Xinghai Conservatory Of Music in dance major, Lao serves as dance teacher in a vocational middle school. At the same time, he is active in the field of modern dance as freelance artist. He works have included Like the Shadow Following the Body, Beach of Sexy Youth, Wall etc.

Fu Chen

Choreography:Liu Qi

Dancers:Yu Dan、Wang Dan、Wang Li、Kong Liping、Li Jingru、Zhang Lihua、Chi Xiyang、Lin Xiaoyi、Peng Yanling、Yang Zhijie

About the program

In Chinese, ”拂尘”(fú chén) is a horsetail whisk as a noun also is an action to clean ashes as a verb. Taoist considers it holy as a magic symbol for the belief while others use it to dispel insects and sweep dust as a cleaner.

Master Zeng said, every day I examine myself on three counts (Analects of Confucius).Gentlemen in ancient China reflected their performances and corrected their deeds and words every day. In daily life, everybody of us is affected by the people and things around every day. By this way, we associate with the society. Also there is a change of our actions and statements happening every day. Whether is it right or not? We wish we conducted as the gentlemen to improve ourselves by reflecting what we did and said.

About the Choreography

LIU graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, Ethnic Dance Faculty, in 1991 and worked as a lecturer in the academy thereafter. Liu joined Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1996. Since that time, she has served the company as a dancer, teacher, and artistic master. During 2004 to 2009, she was appointed as executive artistic director. In 2006, she was awarded the Century Star by the Guangdong Government for her outstanding achievements in the arts. She was working in Guangdong Modern Dance Company as resident choreographer from 2009 to 2016. LIU was appointed as company director of GMDC since the year of 2017.

About the company:

Modern dance drew the attention of a group of Guangzhou citizens, those without professional dance background but with an average age of 45 in 2003(over 60 years old now). From then on, they have studied modern dance. Their first work Blossom was presented in 2005. Therefore, the group is named after the work. They have subsequently delivered numerous around Guangzhou and received tremendous responses, and cooperated with several artists to create works such as Déjà vu and A diary of a doctor, proving that dance is not an art form exclusive to the young.