DAY SIX 2017.11.30 - ||

2017.11.30 17:00-18:00

Venue:GMDC Theater


Choreography:Zheng Ling、Zeng Zhiyuan

Dancers:Chen Wanqin、Jiang Xinxin、Mao Xueying、Li Yuqing、Lin Jiehan、Chen Lin、Huang Zhiming、Li Yongkun、Chen Kunpeng、Zhou Xiaohua

About the program:

At the beginning of the world, all the things are virgin and innocent. It depends on you whether it is good or evil, virtuous or vicious, alive or dead.

About the Choreography:

Trying to combine dancers with different background and levels, presenting the concept of the theme and harmony by strengthen the personality of them.

Not into it

Choreography & Dancers:Leslie Wu

About the program:

Our imagination of the world just is a series of presupposition, which does not let us know the world but makes us feel strange to ourselves. Just at this incompatible moment, you break the inertia of daily life and feel the distance between your existence and your soul.

Penser en voyage

Company:Zige Youth Dance group

Choreography:Mu Xiaofeng

Dancers:Jiang Suli、Xiang Lei、Tan Xiao、Mo Qinqi、Zhang Ying、Wei Le、Xiong Yutong、Deng Yuzhi、Xiang Zixuan、Tang Chuyan

About the program:

Different kinds of people are on a trip from day to night in a chaos world.

We travel from here to there and then miss the beginning where we were.

About the Choreography:

Staring dance practice from 9 years old, Mou served as a professional dancer in GMDC first and then further studied contemporary dance and choreography in Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Toulon, France. Now he resides in France.

The Neighbor

Choreography & Dancers:Blue Ka Wing

About the program:

An experience about living in a factory estate in Hong Kong

Is it the gentlest sound that I heard, the one filtrated by a partition that divides two totally different departments?

The call of midnight

The treatment for soul needs to take at midnight

Not all of midnight is available for it. It may be a nutritional supplement of life to take a walk, to clear mind or to eat and rest.

“Except a few sticks of furniture in good quality as necessaries, empty houses will be your haven of peace. Cherish it, clean it, and live in it with respect. Home protects your most valuable asset--yourself.” —— Dominique Loreau, L'art de la simplicité

About the Choreography:

Blue Ka-wing was born in Hong Kong and started her training in dance at the age of 16. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in contemporary dance and choreography from Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2010. Her choreographic work has included Diving for Needles, Little Bit Bit and Hollow Stone, etc. As currently freelance artist in Hong Kong, she has collaborated with many local dance groups and choreographers, developing a gentle aesthetic sense and acute sensitivity with a particular interest in the collision of dance, text and visual effects.

Nobody Remembers

Choreography & Dancers:Lin-TingSyu

About the program

The creation had been a unit of Body Code - Postcolonial Blue Birds: Contemporary Dance Solos in 2016 Dec. Hong Kong (The Fringe Underground Theatre) and 2017 Jan. Macao (The Longrun Theatre).

It presents that time filed as the wind blowing with non-stop development of land, city and society before we know it, which no body remember so recent environment and cities also will go with the wind lightly after a century but a serious part of history.

About the Choreography:

Born in 1990, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan and graduated with a master's degree in Dance Composition from Taipei National University of the Arts, Lin-TingSyu has been a freelance artist with rich experiences of cooperation with dance groups and choreographers both at home and abroad,such as Long River and Panta Rhei(WCdance), Epitaph-A Dance Inspired by Rachmaninoff (Xiao-Xiong Zhang), Letter( KuMing-shen), Free Steps (Su Wei-chia) ect.


Choreography & Dancers:Judith Sánchez Ruíz

About the program

What is it that is me? What is it that is not me? How much freedom or limitation can I endure?

A string from my son's left over during a house move inspired me to go and use it during rehearsal,

a string like the one a kid would attach to a kite to let it fly in a park.

I created a path to walk in, each a set of little steps, clouds of space composing an abstract figure of abstract meaning.

I spontaneously conduct a first time dance, creating a "pop-up universe" as all becomes an act where the pick-up composition is the base material for the next movement.

Like a flip card with its seemingly infinite tools, a world is being reinvented that both blossoms and withers in the same breath.

About the Choreography:

Judith Sânchez Ruíz. Choreographer, improviser and teacher based in New York since 1999 and relocated to Berlin in 2011. Worked with Trisha Brown Dance Company, David Zambrano, DD Dorvillier, Deborah Hay, Sasha Waltz & Guest among others. Her works have been presented internationally in theaters, festivals, museums and galleries. She regularly teaches workshops throughout Europe and the US.