DAY SIX 2017.11.30 - |

2017.11.30 14:30-16:00

Venue:GMDC Theater

After Dark

Choreography:Zhang Xi

Dancers:Lin JiaXi、Yoon SeungJin(韩)、Lee WonJun(韩)、Hwang UiSeck(韩)、Hwang SeokJin(韩)、Go EunBee(韩)

About the program:

The composition is adapted from a short story After Dark by Haruki Murakami, a famous Japanese writer. It tells a story happening between 11pm and 6am and reflects the self-division of urbanite and the distortion of metropolis as a particular space to human’s natural attributes.

In the dim light of night, it’s difficult for the eyes to touch the truth. After dark, evil intentions come to themselves, lurk in the quiet city, the bloody, brutal and unbeknown acts occur stealthily.

Before dark, we can pretend to be close in the sun. After dark, everyone is lonely. May everyone can hold back the evil in his or her heart. Wish everyone cannot be alone any more.

About the Choreography

Zhang Xi, independent choreographer and dancer living South Korea. He obtained a master's degree in the Modern Dance Faculty of University of Culture and Arts of Kangwon National University in South Korea learning after the famous Korean artist, professor Sung Hee Cho. His representative works: Monologue, After Dark, The Untelling, etc.

The Body that Does Not Exist

Choreography: Lin-TingSyu


About the program:

According to folkloric beliefs in Taiwan, a tongji or jitong (spirit medium) is a person believed to have been chosen by a particular shen "god; spirit" as the earthly vehicle for divine expression, also a body shared with shen and the person. God and demon can’t be explained in recent science but they do exist in another world. The flesh can serve as a carrier as supposed so how can it transform into those invisible energy after the ruin of one or more bodies that were alive and exist from then till now or even in future ? When the energy enters, how does just this flesh reflect this special condition as a commensal. As an old saying in Taiwan goes, one’s death leaves his or her reputation behind. Not only the reputation can be left after one’s death but also his or her body that does not exist may keep going ahead.

About the Choreography

Born in 1990, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan and graduated with a master's degree in Dance Composition from Taipei National University of the Arts, Lin-TingSyu has been a freelance artist with rich experiences of cooperation with dance groups and choreographers both at home and abroad,such as Long River and Panta Rhei(WCdance), Epitaph-A Dance Inspired by Rachmaninoff (Xiao-Xiong Zhang), Letter( KuMing-shen), Free Steps (Su Wei-chia) ect.



Dancers:Ning Xi、Kevin Polak、Feng Yaping

About the program

We often crave love from others,

Family, lover, friends,

It seems to be in the love they give

We can find the value of existence.

Their love,

Gave us a fearless,

On the side of the trembling.

These heavy but warm love,

and warm and heavy

Who gave us this feeling.

Like the one that was meant to be with us

Who cannot be divided,


About the Choreography:

KheN Choreographies are recognizable as being honest, touching and confronting.

Choreographies from Kevin Polak (Dutch) and Ning Xi (Chinese) are inspired and based on real daily life emotions. This is why the Chinese audience gave them the nickname "挖心人” which literally translated means 'heart dig people'. From their first work up till now, they have lived through different stages of life and emotions and they will keep using their own experiences to create.