“Ascetic” Duest Music Theatre

Impromptu music dialogue with Dance

Date: 2019.11.20

Time: 15:00 - 16:00

Venue: D Faire

Xu Fengxia (China): Guzheng, Sanxian, Voice

Simon Berz (Switzerland): Drums, Electronics

Xu Fengxia

Plucked instruments musician and singer, a pioneer in China as far as the connection between traditional Chinese music and jazz or improvisation is concerned. She started studying Chinese plucked instruments at the Shanghai Music Academy with great success at the age of 16. Furthermore, she is dedicated to traditional Chinese music. Since she moved to Germany, she has worked successfully in various fields and cooperated with musicians of improvised music and jazz. In 2009, the jazz pot of the city of Essen and for her duo CD Black Lotus received the prize of the German Record Critics. In 2014, she built up the “Ascetic” Music Theatre and started touring all over the world.

Simon Berz

Drummer, sound artist. His work in experimental and improvised music, in sound art and new forms of performance aims at innovation, interaction, and participation. He has been involved in developing instruments, sound/art installations, and performances based on listening and observing, sound and materials research, on the implementation of experimental formats and their aesthetic mediation. As well as developing his own rhythmic and sound language through an electro-acoustic drumset called the Rocking Desk, he has also developed a “lithophone” consisting of stones producing a sound made by liquid dripping from drip bags that he amplifies and distorts electronically.