Play with Stone

Nanjing - Beihe Dance Theatre

Date: 2019.11.18

Time: 17:40 - 18:10

Venue: D Faire

Choreography:Wang Jiawei

Performance: Beihe Dance Theatre


There are stones in the stone city

Stones all over the ground

Precious jade with supernatural powers has a predestined relationship

It happens by the riverside this time

Beihe Dance Theatre

Beihe river is not a river in the geographical sense, but a river in the hope of providing a place to rest on the waterside in the name of dance for the return of pure soul from the dust body. Beihe dance theater is a modern dance performance and creation group in Nanjing. It practices the concept of "where there is a body, there is a theater". It advocates the body view of transforming the pure dance language in real life.