Since 1994

2017 - 2016

government-owned corporation

Event TitleProgrammeChoreographersDate
Tour in Pearl River Delta -Jiangmen,Huizhou,Shenzhen,Dongguan51° CosmosLIU Qi,Natalie Weir,XING Liang2016-11
The 13th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival -Guangdong Performing Arts Theater51° CosmosLIU Qi Natalie Weir XING Liang2016-11
Contemporary Art Festival, South American Cultural Industry Fair "China Night" - University of Bogota, AndorraMount and waterLIU Qi2016-10
"Encounters Contemporary Dance Art Festival" -BoliviaMount and waterLIU Qi2016-10
Beijing Dance Festival -Tianqiao performing art centerDays of HeavenZHANG Xuefeng2016-07
Auckland - Guangzhou - Los Angeles Three Cities Economic Forum Summit - Auckland,New ZealandPoint One(Expect)LI Pianpian,TAN Yuanbo2016-05
Israel Happy Spring Festival - Susan De La Dance CenterSumeruLIU Qi2016-02
Premiere in Australia - Queensland Performing Arts CentreBlackLIU Qi Natalie Weir XING Liang2016-02

2015 - 2004

Guangdong - HongKong Collaborative Enterprise

Event TitleProgrammeChoreographersDate
The 12th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival -Guangdong Cantonese Opera Art CenterPoint OneLI Pianpian,TAN Yuanbo2015-11
Opening Ceremony of German Cultural Festival in Germany and China - Berlin Chinese Culture Center, Berlin World ParkMustard SeedLIU Qi2015-04
The 11th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival -Guangzhou friendship Theatre In the Light of Metamorphosis2014-11
Beijing Dance Festival -PLA TheaterPoint ZeroLI Pianpian,TAN Yuanbo2014-07
TanzArt ostwest Dance Festival -Giessen City Center Berlin SquareVoice afterLIU Qi2014-06
The International Dance Festival -Slovak Dance TheatreVoice After / Mustard SeedLIU Qi2014-05
Vancouver International Dance Festival -Queen Elizabeth TheatreVoice After / Mustard SeedLIU Qi2014-03
Guangdong Modern Dance Festival -Guangzhou friendship TheaterMircro VisionaryLIU Qi2013-11
Beijing Dance Festival -PLA TheaterMovement Logic Re-potDAI Jian2013-07
Tour in Macao -Macao cutural centreLove LettersPUN Siu-fai2013-05
Tour in Hongkong -Kwai Tsing TheatreLove LettersPUN Siu-fai2013-05
Karmiel Dance Festival and Tel Aviv Dance Season, Israel -Suzzane Dellal CenterTouched,Mount and water,Voice afterXING Liang, LIU Qi2012-08
Yokohama Dance Collection Ex, Japan -Japan Yokohama red brick warehouse on the 1st floorThe VirginPUN Siu-fai2012-02
Opening of EU-China Year of Intercultural Dialogue, Belgium -Centre for Fine Arts(BOZAR)Upon CalligraphyLIU Qi2012-02
Singapore Contact Festival2011-12
Yokohama Dance Collection Ex, Japan -Japan Yokohama red brick warehouse on the 1st floorLOST, Say it,TubeLIU Bin, CHEN Xiewei, HUI Guanglei2011-02
Basel Culture Scape Festival, Switzerland -Basel Theater in SwitzerlandUpon CalligraphyLIU Qi2010-09
Europalia International Arts Festival and Seven Cities Tour in Belgium -France Lubbe Collizhee Cultural Center, Charleroi Charleroi "Royal Stables" Cultural Center, Tillen Houte Warande Cultural Center, Brussels Wolubilis Theater, That House Royal Theater, Rousselaer Spil Cultural Center, Alster Werf Culture centerUpon Calligraphy, StickLIU Qi, SANG Jijia2010-01
Guandu Arts Festival, Taiwan -TNVA Dance TheatreRice, Spice, Zen, ColourPUN Siu-fai2009-10
Fankfurt Book Fair, Germany --Hessisches Stuats Theater Wiesbadlen Rice, Spice, Zen, ColourPUN Siu-fai2009-10
Five Cities Tour in USA -Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, Peak Performances at Montclair State Unibersity in New Jersay, Pittsbugh Dance Council, Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center at the University of MarylandOther SunsLIU Qi2009-09
Braunschweig World Dance Festival, Germany -Munich City Opera HouseThe Many Face of The Grimms' Tales, Rice, Spice, Zen, ColourPUN Siu-fai2009-03
Seven Cities Tour in the Netherlands and Belgium -Pina Baush Festival, Theater de Spiegel,Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie, Theater aan de ParadeUpon Calligraphy, Stick LIU Qi, SANG Jijia2008-11
Rovereto Festival Oriente Occidente, Italy -Teatro Sociale TheaterHeaven and Earth, SticksWilly TSAO, SANG Jijia2008-09
Aarhus International Arts Festival, DenmarkUpon Calligraphy, StickLIU Qi, SANG Jijia2008-09
Roma Festival of Chinese Culture, Italy -Auditorium Parco della Musica of RomaUpon Calligraphy, StickLIU Qi, SANG Jijia2008-05
Three Cities Tour in Russia -TYUMEN, EKATERINBURG, Ural region city of Siweier,DROSOVSK,CHELYABINSKSong of The EarthWilly TSAO, LIU Qi2007-10
Los Angeles Grand Performance Season, USA -Grand Performance - Upon Calligraphy, Heaven and EarthLIU Qi, Willy TSAO2007-07
Three Cities Tour in Netherlands -The Hague, Lucent Dans theather;Eindhoven, Parktheater;Tilburg ,Theaters TilburgUpon Calligraphy, Stick LIU Qi, SANG Jijia2007-05
British Liverpool 2007 Chinese New Year2007-02
Five Cities Tour in Poland and Belarus -Portland,sala Opery na ZamkuUpon CalligraphyLIU Qi2006-09
Houston Dance Salad Festival, USA -Wortham Center,Cullen Thater Upon Calligraphy(excerpt)LIU Qi2006-04
Vancouver Chinese Festival, Canada -The centre in Vancouver for Performing ArtsUpon Calligraphy, AlienLIU Qi, LONG Yunna2005-10
Washington Chinese Cultural Festival -The Kennedy Center Upon Calligraphy(excerpt)LIU Qi2005-10
Two Cities Tour in Poland and Denmark -Town Hall、 Magasinet TheaterUpon Calligraphy, AlienLIU Qi, LONG Yunna2005-08
11 cities tour in Germany and the Netherlands -Holland,Germany、BelgiumDancing Until the sky clears upWilly TSAO,LIU Qi,LONG Yunna2004-10
Venice International Dance Festival, Italy2004-06

2004 - 1994

Governmental Institution

Event TitleProgrammeChoreographersDate
Houston Dance Salad Festival, USA -Houston Watson Theater180 DEGREE, Night of Dancers, Heart,Shape,Substance, 《不寻常》, Night Spirit, 《穿越》XING Liang, ZHAO Liang, HOU Ying2002-03
Two Cities tour in Canada -Harbourfront CentreSitting Still, I want to Fly, Heart,Shape,Substance, 180 DEGREE, LING LEISANG Jijia, XING Liang, ZHAO Liang, LONG Yunna2001-11
Holland Dance Festival, the Netherlands -LUCENT DANSTHEATERSitting Still, I want to Fly, Heart,Shape,Substance, 180 DEGREE, LING LEISANG Jijia, XING Liang, ZHAO Liang, LONG Yunna2001-11
Berlin Asia-Pacific Week Festival, Germany -Berlin Habo TheaterSitting Still, I want to Fly, Heart,Shape,Substance, 180 DEGREE, LING LEISANG Jijia, XING Liang, ZHAO Liang, LONG Yunna2001-09
International Arts Summit, Indonesia -Hailai International Exeutive ClubSitting Still, I want to Fly, The uniformity of Thinking and action, 180 DEGREESANG Jijia, XING Liang2001-08
Rome International Dance Competition, Italy(Juror)2001-07
Three Cities Tour in USA -Joyce TheaterSitting Still, I want to Fly, Heart,Shape,SubstanceSANG Jijia, XING Liang, ZHAO Liang2001-02
Brighton Festival Paris International Dance Competition, France(Juror)2000-11
Experimental Theatre Festival, Japan -Tokyo,JapanSound,colour,shapeGAO Chengming2000-09
Millennium Festival of Moving Arts, Germany2000-05
Edinburgh Arts Festival, UK2000-05
Brighton Arts Festival, UKConserversation, Night Spirit, I want to Fly, Begining, FoldingCharlie Morrissey, Becky Edmunds, HOU Ying, XING Liang, GAO Chengming, SHEN Wei2000-05
International Festival of Contemporary Music, UK1999-11
changmu International Arts Festival, Korea1999-10
Philadelphia Feet 2000 Festival, USA Strolling among HeartsRong Tao, GAO Chengming, SANG Jijia, XING Liang, Willy TSAO and Dancers1999-06
Taipei Arts Festival, Taiwan -NOVEL HALL for Performing ArtsStrolling among HeartsRong Tao, GAO Chengming, SANG Jijia, XING Liang, Willy TSAO and Dancers1999-05
Paris International Dance Competition, France1998-11
International Dance Festival, Philippines -CCP Main TheaterFloating DustWilly TSAO1998-08
Nants Arts Festival, France1998-06
Stuttart Festival of Chinese Culture, Germany1998-01
Six Cities Tour in USA -John F.kennedy Arts CenterStrong WindGAO Chengming1997-10
International Festival of Modern Choreography Vitebsk, Belarus1996-12
Paris International Dance Competition, France1996-11
Five Cities Tour in Germany and Switzerland1996-04
Changmu International Arts Festival, Korea1995-09
Paris International Dance Competition, France1994-11
Nine Cities in Germany and Austria -KREUZHAL City Theater, Langen Lane《风与火》《1994年秋天的德国》Pas de detiu, 《风暴》《一个古老的故事》《捉迷藏》Willy Tsao. ect1994-10
Montpellier Dance Festival, Francehis solo performance 1994-07
Singapore International Arts Festival1994-06