About Festival

The Guangdong Dance Festival is one of the brilliant features of the Guangdong culture. It is also renowned internationally. The festival not only features the forefront of international dance innovators, but also establishes young and emerging artists from China. There are performances both in theatre and public space as well as collaborations with organizations from different fields.

Established in 2004, the annual Guangdong Dance Festival features both performance and educational elements.

Artists、students and audiences will enjoy the communication of art and inspiration through different kinds of activities.

This November,the 16th Guangdong Dance Festival will present more than 30 performances and multiple master classes and workshops by artists in 7 days.

There are three parts of performance including “Pioneer Stage”, “Great Bay Area Power” and “30 Minutes” projects. Besides, The “Dance @ community” project will present different kinds of share sessions about the crossover project related to modern dance, and digging out the unlimited possibility of it.

The 16th Guangdong Dance Festival

Date: 2019.11.17 - 11.23

Presenter:Department of Culture and Tourism of Gunangdong Province

Organizers:Guangdong Xinghai Performing Arts Group, Guangdong Modern Dance Company