Main Dishes V

This is the annual production of the GMDC dancers presenting their own pieces. The Dancers’ Work of this year is named Main Dishes, which refers to a sumptuous banquet in honor of the distinguished guests by the host. The choreographers and dancers of the GMDC prepare a feast with diverse dishes for all the important guests and friends. 


Choreography & Dancer: ZHANG Yan

Moments and blank of time. Unconsciousness in life. The gap magnifies the blank, turns it into body expression and wanders in the margin of time.


Choreography: PENG Mi

Dancers: PENG Mi , Belinda ZHANG, ZHANG Yan, SU Zihao, CHEN Yijie (guest dancer)

In dialogue with body, with object, with time and with air.

To build up dimensional dialogue and connection by diverse medium.

Children Only

Choreography & Dancers: LI Siyu, ZHANG Long

So much joy and moments could only be found in our childhood.


Choreography & Dancer: FU Binjing

A monologue about ME.

Upward Drift

Choreography: LEE Ya-jui

Dancers: ZHANG Yan, LI Jiahao, SU Zihao, CHEN Baiyu, LI Siyu

CHEN Yijie (guest dancer)

To march, to enter and to evolve, in a way, could be to retreat, to exit and to degenerate.

A Parting

Choreography & Dancers: Belinda ZHANG, PENG Mi

Retrieval of memory. The mind, the heart, the body. Directions to the depths of distance. Yet sweetly sorrow, memories are wondrous if you don't have to deal with the past. You can never replace. What's lost is lost.

An Apple

Choreography & Dancer: ZHANG Long

I myself prefer to see this world through its nature.

The Last Fullmoon

Choreography: SU Zihao

Dancers: PENG Mi, Belinda ZHANG, CHEN Baiyu, LEE Ya-jui, LI Jiahao, ZHANG Yan, FU Binjing, CHEN Yijie (guest dancer)

How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless.

Photographer :Lin Xiaoyi , Li Lewei