YUE - The Way of Moving

A brand-new performance by the Guangdong Modern Dance Company, it incorporates Cantonese opera (also known as “Guangdong Drama”). In Chinese, Guangdong is called yue for short. In pursuit of in-depth resonance in our time, the new creation of modern dance harmonizes with the traditional performing arts of Southern China.


Choreographer: Li Pianpian

A script written with ups and downs
Take off the costume, return to triviality
Different times and spaces meet on stage
Scenes on stage and in real life seem overlap

Playing many roles in life, we endure hardship and taste success. A life journey is packed with strength, resilience, greetings and farewell. Ups and downs are just moments of life. Storms will end. Stay clearheaded. Recall what happened. Embrace yourself and the world again…


Choreographer: Ma Ke

Like a blade slicing through, a shadow unpacks the past. The light of history reflects all. Figure and imagery are painted by bright light and dark shadow. Objects and shadows symbolizetiers of exterior and interior.

As crucial visual media of the new work, light and shadow explore the real and unreal, outlining many possible hidden imaginations. Inspired by Cantonese opera, the dance work presents tradition and modernity, and deconstructs resonant elements, cultures, and emotions. It’s relevant to the perspective and intuition of the current creation, and offers forward-looking imagination and exploration. In the performance, traditional elements and modern perspective interweave; tangibility and abstract expressions interact; and the real and the unreal meet.