Concept & Director: Willy Tsao
Choreographers: Willy Tsao, WANG Ronglu、YANG Chunjiang
Costume Design: HUANG Zhiqiang
Performance: GMDC

Hongkong city contemporary dance company will join the Guangdong modern dance company, according to the Grandview Plaza atrium environment blend of new and interesting elements of dance, led the audience to review the modern urban public life, bring new viewing experience. "The basic necessities of life" using the choreography familiar with things to show the audience modern people. "Suit" passages to modern people on clothing preferences from the original human dress which is to show the relationship between clothes and identity delicate; "the food" in Hongkong songs were with knife and fork together to dance and represented contemporary food culture; "live" performance of the modern metropolis tiny place life style; "travel" is to use the escalators to local shopping malls showing heavy traffic scene.