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Team A —— Hao Yang X Alice Rensy

Yang Hao is a dance artist born in ChongqingChina now base in Hong Kong. He started to dance at age 12,in the Arts School Under the Chinese National Song and Dance Troupe. After graduated he joined several dance companies such as Chinese National Opera And Dance Troupe, Guang Dong Morden Dance Company.In 2007 he received a full scholarship to study in Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts,After two years study he joined Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company as a dancer till May 2012, Since than he start his Independent artist career.

He has received several funding andscholarships, such as Culture Partnership Initiative(CPI) of Korea as a resident Artist in Seoul International Dance Festival 2013. Vienna Impulse Dance Festival DanceWEB scholarship2014, and currently he just complete the Arts Fellowship residency program in YALE University supported by Yale China Association and Hong Kong Economic

Trade Office In New York.He has commissioned and showed his work in festivals, such as Hong Kong Arts Festival I-dance Festival, New Haven international Festival Arts Ideas. Since 2014 he start to create works and dramaturges by Alice Rensy.such as “Outspoken” “The Work with Hong Kong Ballet” “Pied A Terre” “Middle”.

Alice Rensy is involved in dance and performance as an organizer and practitioner.

As organizer, she aims at developing new strategies of work for dance practitioners outside established mechanisms. In Hong Kong since 2012 Alice works with several emerging dance artists including Joshua Serafin (“Denuded” choreography by Bruno Isakovic in Spring Workshop in 2014).

With a group of dance practitioners, Alice currently experiments a collective set-up, which enables to combine a flexible part-time in dance education balancing the sustainability of freelance lifestyle without compromising availability for one-off artistic projects.

As a choreographer, Alice collaborated with Yang Hao on several pieces. “Variations between lights and people” created in 2017 in Chengdu A4 museum after a 1-month residency in collaboration with the painter Nathalie Rothkoff and three dancers from Chengdu.

As performer, Alice has worked in “Mouvements at an exhibition” by Manuel Pelmus in ParaSite in 2017. She has also performed for Scarlet Yu in “A performance” in 2017 in Oi! Street gallery.

Team B ——

Lu Zhengzhi (South Korea)

Dr. Hyundai graduated from Sejong University in South Korea in 2010 and later became a lecturer at various universities in South Korea.

In 2014, he was a lecturer at the University of Utah and taught at the University of Utah. He is currently a lecturer at Hanyang University, Dankook University, Gangwon University, Seoul National University of the Arts and Choong Nam Art School.

In 2016, his work "Black Forest" won the highest prize in the "Chungnam Dance Festival" top prize and the performance award. In 2014, he won the "Best Choreographer Award" of the Korean Modern Dance Association.

Wen Chi Ai (South Korea)

Representative of South Korea's Mun Dance Project Dance Company; Professor of Dance Department of Hanyang University, Korea, Leading Lecturer of Modern Dance; Director of Korean Dance Company Federation; Representative of South Korea's Kim Fuk-hee Dance Group and Chief Actress; Korea Kangwon University, Hanyang University, National Koryo High School Modern Dance Department Lecturer.

In 2017, the 11th United Nations Warriors in Seoul, South Korea, commemorated the peace concert "Flower of Life - Flower" director and chief dancer; Korea Korea's Seoul Dance Heritage Industry recommended performances were invited; fourth session of the Korean traditional dance celebration Invited chief dancer.

Team C —— Zoey Zeng X Mai Zhuohong


Now serves as freelance artist with master’s degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She had been a dancer in Itrodans, Rotterdam O.T Theatre and GMDC. With rich experience of cooperation with dance groups and artists both at home and abroad, she was invited by “Common Stage” to join in choreography of Behind these walls (2014 ) in Hong Kong Connecting Space and by Guangzhou Theatre for The Conversation Between Art of Calligraphy and Music as dance director and main dancer. From 2014, she has held the Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival collaborating withDutch consulate in Guangzhou every year. Her works have included Home, Re-member, Endless etc.

Mai Zhuohong

Modern dance director and tutor, founder of 203Y Dance Theatre, initiator of China-Dutch International Dance Art Festival, Chinese-Dutch cultural exchange ambassador.

Independent dancers, choreographers and modern dance instructors. He graduated from Modern Dance at the Fontys Dance Academy in the Netherlands and a Master of Modern Dance Choreographer from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He has performed modern dances "Dance in Venice" and "Thousands of Greens" in the Dutch Itrodans Modern Dance Company, the Rotterdam O.T Theater in Holland, and the Guangdong Modern Dance Company.

Team D —— Zhang Ciyu X

Zhang Ciyu

She is currently a teacher in the Dance Department of Taipei Art University, a teacher in the Dance Department of Taipei City University, Song and Dance Performing Arts Center, and Lanyang Dance Company. Also as a member of Taipei Art University Dance Institute Creative Group.

She has been a dancer of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company. During the delegation, she performed in various countries including Germany, the United States, Britain, South Korea, Australia, France, Prague, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, and Italy. Repeated performances of solo and double dances by renowned choreographers such as Li Haining and Peng Jinyao. And San Mao (played as San Mao), a dance drama compiled by Cao Chengyuan and Shu Qiao. In the early years, he was a dancer of Cloud Gate Dance. The main works include "White Snake" (Green Snake Character), "Shooting the Sun" (Blue-bellied) and "Waichuan" (the only part of the pioneering dance).

Li Zihao

Prof. Li is an artist, educator, and researcher. He had performed with Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hong Kong Dance Company, and German Hamburg Ballet. He had taught at different institutions and professional dance companies including Beijing Dance Academy, Tokyo Arts Center, York University, and the University of Wisconsin – Madison. He is the Chair of Education Network for the World Dance Alliance – America and CoPresident for the Digital Dance Festival at the World Dance Alliance Conferences. His research areas span from dance pedagogy, cross-cultural studies, gender and masculinity, to technology in education. Currently he is serving at the Faculty of Education of University of Macau, while directing the Dance Troupe of UM.