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The road to the stage is not just about dancing. You should hit the stage with light!





How does dance perceive the energy of light?

How is light given life to dance?

The road to the stage is not just about dancing.

You should hit the stage with light!

Tutor - Li Yao

Born in Jiangsu, she received a master's degree from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a bachelor's degree from Shanghai Theater Academy. She has been focusing on the research and creation of dance lighting, especially on special environment and stage.

"Being Mortal" is an important work for the dance of a special environment theater. From a creative perspective, she used environment and dance together with choreography to tell a story about life. At the same time, she also served as a resident lighting designer for various international dance festivals. Lighting design work that once participated: TOGETHER, Tears, Nightmare Labs, Intersections Voice, Humanoid Play, Second Degree, Cold Heart, Echoing Woods, Cherry Orchard, Taming the Mind, Ubu.

Guest Master - Wu Wen'an

Lighting Designer, Assistant Professor of Taipei Arts University

He used to be a dancer and choreographer and was passionate about dance creation. In 2000, he resolutely withdrew from the stage and continued his dance life with light. The dance lights he designed are poetic and blend in with the dancer's breathing and body language.

The profound understanding of dance enabled him to enjoy the light of dance design and was appreciated and appreciated by many choreographers. He had won the Hong Kong Dance Year Award for three consecutive years and was awarded the Hong Kong Dance Year Award “Outstanding Lighting Design” ( Xing Liang’s work “Six Degree, 2011).

Wu Wen'an was born in Malaysia and is a member of Hong Kong Nanqun Dance Group. He has joined the Hong Kong Dance Company, Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and a professional dancer of the Urban Contemporary Dance Company. In 2000, he entered the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts to study lighting design. In 2001, he served as the Hong Kong CCDC Dance Center as a technical coordinator. Since 2005, he has applied for the lighting design of Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company and Guangdong Modern Dance Company.