Dance the Trace

Guangzhou X HK CN X MO CN

A Youth Dance Exchange Project in Pearl River Delta 

Guangzhou X HK, CN X MO, CN

Everything goes in its own trace, and everyone moves with his unique trace. We are traveling everyday between working place and home, shaping our characters in difficulties, breaking through barriers in career for brilliant future. What kinds of the trace could be found in your life, and are they generally related?

Dance the Trace is inspired by the thinking on expression of the youth bodies. With playing games on telling own stories, the young generation from Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macau show quite different quality on their movements and characters. However, they share similar traits of tolerance, open-mind, down-to-earth, innovation. Growing up in the Pearl River Delta with speaking a same language Cantonese, these dancers are supposed to communicate not only in oral language, but also with body language during the dance rehearsal and show-case. They are going to share a beautiful future with the trace of dance in lives.

This is a Youth Dance Exchange Project in Pearl River Delta co- founded by Youth Square in Hong Kong, Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Ballet and Guangdong Modern Dance Company started in 2017. The Project is intended to strengthen ties among the youths living in the area, and it encourages creative idea and showing personalities in the process of rehearsal and performance.

In the year of 2019, a new piece of dance co-produced by the original founding organizations is going to make its debut in the 16th Guangdong Dance Festival, with the lineup of Four Dimension Spatial from Macao.

Choreography: ZHANG Congbin, YU Lijun, Popeye HONG

Music design: KAM Shinghei,FUNG Yee Sing

Lighting design: DENG Yonghao

Costume design: YU Lijun

Performance: FU Binjing, PENG Mi, CHEUNG Tsz Yan, CHU Chin Ching, LOU Hio Mei, CHAN Chi Cheng, Tina KAN

CHOI Weng Teng, SU Weiwei, LI Kechun, LI Yuxuan, LI Ziyunfei, ZHU Zimeng

Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Approved by the People's Government of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Modern Dance Company (GMDC), mainland China`s first professional modern dance company, was founded in 1992. It is internationally renowned for the exquisite and captivating performances. GMDC has been hailed by The New York Times as "one of the big success stories of international dance" and "a pacesetter with a difference".

Based in one of the most vigorous regions in China, the company has attracted some of the most talented and daring artistic in China. Works created by its dancers, resident choreographers, artistic directors and international guest artists have won critical acclaim and overwhelming audience responses around the word.

With a forward-looking, diversified, open and inclusive vision, GMDC has been invited to numerous remarkable international festivals in dozens of countries and regions. Its works have won critical acclaim and overwhelming responses from audiences and critics around the world.

Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Ballet

Established in 2014, Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Ballet is a youth performing company navigated by ballet talents’ cultivation, bearing the significant mission of nurturing new blood of Guangzhou Ballet. Dedicated in cultivating and developing performing group for Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou Opera House Children’s Ballet is an artistic group integrates ballet training and on-stage performances. To avail itself of art platform advantages, Guangzhou Opera House shaped a brand art training mode of "Class × Stage" for the Children’s Ballet, working on offering every ballet-loving children quality instruction and ample performing opportunities, leading them to put knowledge into practice and grow into future stars on stage.

Youth Square

Youth Square is a project commissioned by the HKSAR Government’s Home Affairs Bureau, and aims to realize the Bureau’s vision and purpose in promoting social harmony and civic education. The project is managed and operated by New World Facilities Management Company Limited.

Target to become the perfect venue for youth to fully develop their potential, Youth Square provides wide range of facilities including theatre, studio, multi-purpose area, hostel, retail shops and offices to facilitate youth development activities.

Four Dimension Spatial

Four Dimension Spatial is a nonprofit artistic group, endeavoring to promote various forms, to explore different sites and to encourage local artists interacting with foreign artists. These years, Four Dimension Spatial has been advocating contemporary dance in Macau and experimenting different artistic forms.

Their works include: Macau Modern Dance Festival (2014), Macau City Fringe Festival Project Happiness (2014), Dance to The End (2015), Body Code (2016) and Cracks (2017), Dancing in the moment Dance Lad Project (2015-2017), Citizens Concert Exhaust (2016) and Memories, Mailing, Here (2017), The Programme of the multidisciplinary art Not Dreaming (2015)、Borrowingourbodies(2016) and Luxurious Study ‧ In three movements (2017), Coming Home (2018), Macao arts festival MauTan,katcheong(2019)ects.