DAY FOUR 2017.11.28

Young Power of Chinese Modern Dance

2017年11月28日 14:30-16:00

Venue:Guangdong Culture Center Small Theater


Choreography:Qian Min

Dancers:Yi Yi、Hua Ting

About the program

“Between” is a kind of existence that people easily forget. It exists among people or between person and thing. It can be a conversation in silence.

About the Choreography:

QIAN graduated from Nanjing Institute of Art Dance College with a master’s degree in body language oriented dance. Her works includes Twelve Seconds, Where Is My Hometown, The Fetters etc.


Choreography & Dancers:Peng Yi

About the program:

The work mixes a white markup of Han and Tang Dynasty and the concept of Ankuku Butoh to express the twist of humanity and indifference with a picture made of rich body language for audiences to imagine freely.

About the Choreography:

PENG Yi, born in Hunan province, now resides in Zhangjiajie as a freelance artist. In 2013, he studied Ankuku Butoh in Japan. From 2014, he has spared no effort to make modern dance choreography, featured by combination of Chinese body language and modern methods.

Growing From The Inside Heart


Choreography:Wu Qian、Zhu Borui

Dancers:Wu Qian、Zhu Borui

About the program

The heart is the source of emotions and ideas.

About the Choreography:

Graduated from Guangxi Arts University, WU and ZHU serve as chief dancers in GOOD DANCE CENTER. They have played main roles in the works of GOOD DANCE CENTER such as Drifting and Coming Home etc.

“GuWu Theater” was established in 2001. Together with “DianDian Corridor”, “GuwuDiandian” have created many original works, and launched many education and outreach activities in Nanning. They have been the driving force for dance development in Guangxi Province. In 2011, GuWu and DianDian jointly established the “GOOD DANCE CENTER”. Apart from being a center for dance promotion, artistic innovation and international collaboration, the Center also houses the first independent professional contemporary dance company in Guangxi Province. HUANG Lei and HUANG Chunjun are currently the co-directors of the Center.


Choreography & Dancers:Lily

About the program

A work with 6 pieces of chair seems miscellaneous but those chairs will be placed as they used to be. It can be chairs and also can be...

About the Choreography:

Lily is a freelance artist.

“I am. Dress! Understand?”

Choreography:Zheng Jingguang

Dancers:Zheng Jingguang

About the program:

I want to express myself, to introduce myself and to let you know who I am, the normal one but as the dumb without the ability to communicate with others by words.

About the Choreography::

ZHENG graduated with a master's degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He not only expresses his ideas in the felid of dance also prefers to explore creative methods in other subjects with efforts for more potential to discuss about the relationship between body and space.


Company:Teaching and Research Sector of Choreography, Northwest Minzu University

Choreography:JIAN Cuotai、YAN Guangming、CAI Baxiao、ZHAO Xu、TANG Haiqing、KOU Shihong、YANG Zhiguang

Dancers:YAN Guangming、CAI Baxiao、ZHAO Xu、TANG Haiqing、 KOU Shihong、 YANG Zhiguang

About the program

The Skynet in the air is made of ashes by human beings.A flower also is a kind of species.If all the creatures in the world breathed in contaminated air, they would be extinct gradually.

Haze and smog, a nightmare, constantly grows with human beings as a shadow following closely behind so that the only solution is to reduce pollution.

When seeking and purifying for a clean sky, please don’t forget the lives that we ruined.When breathing in fresh air, please share it with other species.

About the Company:

Teaching and Research Sector of Choreography, Northwest Minzu University was established in 2013 as a pioneer of higher education in choreography in Gansu Province. It consists of three teachers, LI Yi, JIAN Cuotai and Zhao Yangyi as well as 4 grades of student in choreography major.