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Choreography:ZHANG Xiao-xiong

Producer:YI Wei-ling

Assitant to Choregraphy:WU Jian-wei

Costume:LIN Jing-ru

Stage Director/Technical Director:WANG Yao-chong

Technical Coordinator/ Lighting:WU Wen-an

Music/ Video Design:LIN Jing-yao

Photo:HANG Xiao-xiong

Video:LIN Bo-xiong

Graphic Design:YE Tian-qi

Dancers:WU Jian-wei,Wang Yuan-li,CHEN Jia-hong, Lin Yuhua

Special Performance:WU Su-jun,WANG Xin-xin

About the program

“A sudden look back, hometown has become an alien land. But an alien land has never been my hometown."

Cross the space of the word and the body, picking up the memory which was fallen in the history tunnel. The choreographer XIAO-XIONG ZHANG who was born in Cambodia, has performed, created and teached dances around many cities of Asia and Europe in the past decades. He translated his sensitivity of the city into words, images and dances, which are mutually staggered.

In the work “An Alien Land”, a junior in Taipei enjoys the pleasure of wandering in the streets from self-imposed exile and accidentally he breaks into a spatiotemporal chamber filled with fragments of the Old City, which is gorgeous or desolation?”

About the Choreography


Associate Professor of Dance, National Taipei University for the Arts

Freelance choreographer/photographer

Born in Cambodia and moved to China in the early teens; earned the Bachelor of Arts degree from the History Department of Jinan University before emigrating to Australia in 1983; studied modern dance at the Centre for Performing Arts (Adelaide) and started the carrier as a professional dancer.

Danced with the Australian Dance Theatre from 1987–1992. Performed in Jim Sharman's Shadow and Splendour (1992 – a joint production between the Royal Queensland Theatre Company and the State Theatre Company of South Australia).

Moved to Taipei in 1996 and took up the position as the Associate Professor of the Dance College of the National Taipei University for the Arts (former NIA) and the teacher of modern dance for the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. Joined the Taipei Crossover Dance Company in the same year, during which time the Company had also presented his works.

His works have been premiered by companies such as Cloud Gate Dance Theater, Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Beijing Modern Dance Company and Taipei Crossover Dance Company, and have also featured in the Adelaide Festival of Arts, the Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival ,the Singapore Festival and the Come Out Festival.

【About the Company】

The Tussock Dance Theater was founded by young choreographer Wu Chien-Wei in 2013. The Company is named after the anthology Tussock by Chinese litterateur Lu Xun, hoping to become unyielding and strong like tussocks. The Tussock Dance Theater aims to be small-scale and exquisite in its production. The Company strives to convey profound meanings in unique style, and to cultivate its vision with precise and delicate works. Based on its native land, it is also building its international prominence. Only one year since its founding, the Company’s first two independent productions Two Bodies (2013) and The Time (2014) have both been nominated by Taishin Arts Awards.