Showcase ①

Dance Together

1. The Alien Land

Duration: 10 min

Choreography: LI Run, BAi Xiao

Dancers: LI Run, BAi Xiao, BI Hanlin, ZHANG Xue, LIU Guoqiang, ZHOU Zijing, MA Yanru, LIU Xueyang, MENG Fanbo, WANG Shiqi


A group of young people are chasing dreams in unfamiliar cities. They cherish all the unexpected encounters and understand leaving without saying goodbye.

2. Walking Dead

Duration: 6 min

Choreography/Performance: LV Yingyu


This works won the top prize in kaciea MGH international dance competition in Korea, and was selected into the 2019 Korea international modern dance competition. Inspired by Gabriel's lonely survivor, as the lyrics say, I hope I can swim one day and swim like a dolphin. How can I be a hero even if I can be king for one day. Under this kind of creative thinking, the work depicts a transparent man-made foundation image that seems to have no "temperature" in the cover and is immersed in his own world all day long; in the movement creation, the small joint linkage movement mode is used to fit the dull and lonely character image; combined with the fluidity of big movements, the actor's erratic passive body texture and action size are fitted In contrast, the image of a lonely individual only exists in his own world. It shows the director's thought: friendship, love and life are the same. Being a person who doesn't need to please others may be an individual without "temperature" in others' eyes, but it is enough to turn yourself into what you want.

3. Singing Birds

Duration: 15 min

Choreography: PENG Mi

Performance: LIU Yuting, SHENG Mengyu, SU Weiwei, WEN Chujun, ZHAO Yanze


"I am a bird, I will now pass through the crowd, through the mountains and seas, stop in front of you, with the burning love for you."

4. Mayfly

Duration: 7.39 min

Choreography/Performance: LIANG Jie


I compare myself to a Mayfly, with only one day to live. An ordinary day is my short life.

5. □

Duration: 8.35 min

Choreography: QIU Shi, LI Jinghao, ZHANG Wan, LIU Dongxue

Performance: HOU Yanbing, DING Jianyan, YAO Lan, WANG Xiaohao, ZHANG Jiaming


"□" is the space that exists in people's hearts, the world where people live in symbiosis. When the space is gradually occupied, there exists human entanglements, disputes, oppression and submission from conflicts and chaos to harmony and unity, even to disintegration. While adapting to the existing environment, roads leading to different directions appear outside the space. Do we choose to stay in the so-called comfort zone or head for the front full of unknowns?

Ninety Dance Studio

6. I'm a fighter

Duration: 4.59 min

Choreography/Performance: WU You

Photographer: HUANG Guangyi


On January 23,Wuhan had been locked down.There was a sudden food shortage, and I couldn't go out to play freely.I had to stay home alone because my parents need to go out for work everyday.Slowly,I began to worry about the unpredictable future and fear the coming of night.I knew I must get stronger! I began to try to fight my inner fear. I used many ways to fight against it,and finally,I defeated it! I knew I can do my best to face the war bravely! Every one of us should be soilders! We will win!

7. Spurs in a dull life

Duration: 6.3min

Choreography: LIU Ganhua, DAI Shenyu

Performance: TIAN Anlong, XUE Zhiwen


Who are you and who am I?
You're the star in the sky, and I'm the other star in the sky.
The tall kite broke the line. where are the paper planes?
Even so, it doesn't matter.
Even if different from it
But it warms like a wind.

8. Gengzi year of the Mouse

Duration: 3.20 min

Choreography/Performance: QI Xiaodong


24 year's old,a critical period for learner's conveying into society.It has its meaning of existence.We can never go back again at 18 and we can't predict in the next 5 years .At the moment,we shouledn't wander in a life of ease.Solving puzzles、getting rid of confusion and facing the truth,what if hit the South Wall.

9. To The Night

Duration: 15 min

Choreography: LI Sisi

Performance: SONG Jinling, WANG Tianhao, MU Jinrui

Photographer: LU Qiliu


Remember 2020 Spring by this Dance Work To The Night

Night rises from the earth
Shading the bright sky
The desolate earth after harvest
Night ascends from your interiority

You come from afar, I go far away
The distant journey passes here
The sky has nothing at all
Why do you give me solace

The desolate earth after harvest
People take away a year's harvest
Take away grains and ride horses away
The people left in the fields are buried deep

Pitch-forks glitter, straws pile on the fire
The paddies pile in the dark barns
Too dark, too silent, too much in the barns
Yet too desolate, I see Yama's eyes in harvest

A flock of birds like black raindrops
Fly into the night from the twilight
The night has nothing at all
Why does it give me solace

Walking on the way
I sing at the top of my voice
Big wind blow through the hill
Over which is the boundless sky

The Anthem of Night -- for the Daughter of Night By Haizi
(Translator:Wu Xinjian)

10. "I like to listen to the stars at night, they sparkle like 500 million bells"

Duration: 6.14min

Choreography/Performance: YANG Xianjie


Little Prince`s child-like vision, perspective on the emptiness of adults, blindness, ignorance and rigid dogms, with a simple innocent voice, wrote the human loneliness, no foundation wandering with the wind fate

11. Acclaim & No One

Duration: 15 min

Choreography/Performance: JIANG Hengzi, LIAN Weijie, ZHANG Sihan


Self statement and self expression,everyone is ordinary human,the natural way is by nature,

12. Once Upon a Wintertime

Duration: 15min

Choreography: XING Fengpu

Performance: WANG Li, LI Jingru, WANG Dan, KONG Liping, YU Qiong, TAN Meiqin, LI Xiaodan, CHI Xiyang, LIN Xiaoyi, WU Huadan, HUANG Wenhua


I realise that I have forgotten once again, and I had forgotten to repeat.
I thought I had been on a journey for long.
I cannot remember when I started, not that I wanted to.
A new journey has already begun, when I want to take a break briefly,
The journey has already begun, to a place called 'winter'.


Modern dance drew the attention of a group ladies without professional dance background. Their first work “Blossom” was presented in 2005. Therefore, the group is named after the work. They have subsequently delivered numerous around Guangzhou and received tremendous responses, and cooperated with several artists to create works such as "A diary of a doctor", "Fu Chen" and "Reeds and Rushes", proving that modern dance dance is not an art form exclusive to the young.