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Choreography: ZENG Ying

Band:Space Station

Lighting:CHEN Huan-yan

Dancers:Gao Jian, Zhou Yao, Zhang Mingyuan, Zhang Yuting, Damien Bourletsis, Babacar Cissé Bouba, Joyce

About the program

Home states a common theme that human being shares. In the perspective of several dancers, this well-timed piece reveals philosophy about life. The interaction performance by the dancers from China and France in different backgrounds and live music musicians also with amazing installations on stage will create a completely new journey for audiences. Listening to stories about lives and resonating inside, you never feel lonely on the way Home.

We walk this desolate earth and search along with all the rest,

Memory, restraint, sincerity, belonging,

The past existing within our bodies is the proof of present living,

Break, remodel, strike, revive,

We walk back and forth between light and shade, unkown whether it is dusk or dawn

But a direction called “home” is pulling from the beginning to the end

By Zeng Ying

【About the Choreography】

ZENG Ying (Zoey) now serves as freelance artist with master’s degree in contemporary dance and choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. She had been a dancer in Itrodans, Rotterdam O.T Theatre and GMDC. With rich experience of cooperation with dance groups and artists both at home and abroad, she was invited by “Common Stage” to join in choreography of Behind these walls (2014 ) in Hong Kong Connecting Space and by Guangzhou Theatre for The Conversation Between Art of Calligraphy and Music as dance director and main dancer. From 2014, she has held the Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival collaborating with Dutch consulate in Guangzhou every year. Her works have included Home, Re-member, Endless etc.

【About the Company】

203Y Dance Theater was established in 2012, Zoey as the art director. The theater is offering choreography, creation and training of dance performance. To provide a stage for the young dancers and the new faces of choreographer. Supporting by Consulate General of the Dutch, the theater invites foreign artists to join the resident project, and held the Sino-Dutch International Dance Festival in Guangzhou every year.

【Special Thanks】


Consulate General of the Republic of France in Guangzhou