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In the hustle-bustle metropolis, time fragments into slots. People are in constant pursuit of light.

In their kaleidoscopic everyday life, the dwellers rush around, casting various reflections.

Looking at the glittering, even further beyond, a world distills to essence over the starry dome.

The compassion for all, a light heart, and a free spirit are gifts from Zhuangzi to humanity. As time passes, the wisdom of the ancient sage still kindles in our hearts and the generations to come.

编导Choreography:刘琦 Liu Qi

创作舞者 Movement Composition and Performance

张楚晨 Belinda ZHANG 李嘉豪 LI Jiahao 张妍 ZHANG Yan
张龙 ZHANG Long 李亚叡 LEE Ya-jui 李思雨 LI Siyu 王美志 WANG Meizhi 郭凡 GUO Fan
刘喜超 LIU Xichao 苗嘉伟 MIAO Jiawei 张雨婷 ZHANG Yuting 方苏颖 FANG Suying

文本Text:何其曼 HE Qiman

原创音乐 Original Music:黄楚原 NG Chor Guan

装置及灯光设计 Installation & Lighting Design:刘诗豪 LOW Shee Hoe

新媒体编导 New Media Director:柯咏恩 KE Yongen

新媒体设计制作 New Media design & production:白莓科技 Pineberry Tech

服装设计 Costume Design:贺晓春 HE Xiaochun