As the existence and release of all dynamics, the composition of Sheng (literally sound) brings harmony to all that exists and integrates in the universe. The echoes and resonances of the melodious movements visualize the Sheng. The inhalation and exhalation vary like roaring thunder, giggling brook, humming insect…which orchestrate harmony for all.

In the context of current issues faced by mankind, the dance work comforts people’s hearts applying the strength from nature to gather purity for life.

Choreographer Liu Qi’s note in September, 2020

Reconnecting nature, life and dance, the piece Sheng presents the understanding from choreographer Liu Qi and the dancers after their observation of the times and appreciation of nature. Embraced by nature, they watch, listen, feel and try, experiencing both simple and complex, forward and backward, order and disorder, and finding the way to join and stay relevant in the world.


Choreography: LIU Qi

Movement Composition and Performance: Belinda ZHANG, LI Jiahao, ZHANG Yan, LI Siyu, WANG Meizhi, GUO Fan, ZHANG Yuting, FANG Suying, MIAO Jiawei, LIU Yan, SUN Guoyu

Music: WEI Debang

Composition: WEI Debang, XU Yufan, TANG Hongjie

Lighting Design: LOW Shee Hoe

Stage Design: LIU Qi

Costume Design: LIU Hongping