Wild Flowers

JinXing Dance Theater

"Wild flowers" is not "flowers in the field", but a kind of existence with "attitude" -- fierce and unique, with goal and determination, representing a kind of stubborn vitality, which can let wild flowers in the hard cement, in the pale color, in the euphemism..

Speaking of the modern dance "wild flowers", artistic director JinXing explained that "wild flowers" is an attitude existence, it is bright, strong, with strong expressionism spirit, do not bow to mediocrity, fearless solidification, free bloom!

Modern dance wildflowers is a new attitude of JinXing dance group in 2018! It took nearly four years to conceive and polish, and was the second collaboration between JinXing and choreographer Arthur Kuggeleyn.

Arthur Kuggeley, a Dutch avant-garde choreographer who has performed in the theater in Switzerland and Berlin, challenged and broke the traditional choreography style with the matrix beauty of dramatic situation, which is embodied incisively and vividly in the caged bird, and has been praised for several Tours at home and abroad.