Opening Show of 14th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival

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Choreography: XING Liang

Company:Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Set Design:XING Liang, LOW Shee Hoe

Music:Steve HUI

Lighting:LOW Shee Hoe

Costume:Linda LEE

Dancers:LIU Qing-yu, TAN Yuan-bo, HE Min, CHEN Yi-jie, FU Bin-jing, Belinda ZHANG, PENG Mi, SU Zi-hao, LIANG Jie, CHEN Baiyu

【About the program】

The piece brings peaceful memories or lonely whispers, fragmented and feeble, tranquil and relieving; taking audience to go from watching to submerging in the dance.

“To see, is to prepare oneself to enter into an unknown area. One has to be willing to thrown away all existing beliefs, knowledge, traditions, and everything that we have become comfortable with. We just need to open up and allow ourselves to be in a receiving mode, going back to a quintessential state of mind and heart without any pre-judgements nor assumptions. This heart will then through look discover new things, and not to confirm on things.” —— The Zen Teachings of Jesus by Kenneth S. Leong.

【About the Choreography】

XING Liang

Born in Beijing, XING Liang graduated from Beijing Dance Academy in 1991 and became a dancer of Guangdong. Experimental Modern Dance Company in 1993 and Hong Kong’s City Contemporary Dance Company in 1998. XING has won the Gold Prize in Modern Dance section of the 6th Paris International Dance Competition, National 10 Best Dancer, Guangdong Province’s Star of Beyond the Century, Hong Kong Dance Award and received the Award for Outstanding Young Artist (Dance) and the Award for Best Artist (Dance) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.