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Art Director/Choreography:WU Jian-wei

Producer:YI Wei-ling

Lighting/Technical Director:WU Wen-an

Costume:HONG Li-fen

Set:LI Hui-qiu,TENG Meng-zhe

Music:LIN Jing-yao

Stage Director/ Technical Director:WANG Yao-chong

Marketing PR:ZHENG Qian-yu

Graphic Design:YE Tian-qi

Dancers / Choreography:WU Jian-wei,WANG Yuan-li,CHEN Jia-hong,LIN Yu-hua, Shen Yingying

【About the program】

“When the sky collapses to the sea, the world goes back to the era of Chaos. We commit suicide by means of our greedy which ruins the earth that we rely on. During Chaos, gods created by human, yell and run in garbage islands. Shangui loses his forest; Nüwa feels melancholy for broken conscience of human; Fuxi suffers from aphasia caused by confusion of wired signs in virtual space.”

Wu has clearly put a lot of time and thought into creating The Floating Space, a deeply beautiful and sensual dance for himself and four others. Although there are narratives within scenes, the work is more a broader reflection on the ignorance and greed of man, the basis being a post-apocalyptic world of chaos where Nüwa (goddess of order who created humans), Fuxi (the first of the Three Sovereigns), Jingwei (the daughter of Emperor Yan who is a legendary ancient Chinese ruler), Shangui (mountain spirit) and Cangjie (inventor of Chinese characters, who legend has it had four eyes) are now crippled amid the reality, rubble and mountains of waste.

【About the Choreography

WU Chien-wei

Artistic director of Wild Grass Dance. Dancer, choreographer, photographer and stage designer.

Graduated from the dance school of Taipei National Academy of Arts. He continued his perform career in Taipei Yuejie Dance and Compagnie K fig in France. Wu’s choreography work “Aurora” received the Jury Prize in the Australian Choreographic Competition 2008. He also designed costumes for works of Taipei Yuejie Dance, Guangdong modern dance company, Hongkong Dongyi Dance and Taipei National Academy of Performing Arts.

He took leading roles in Turning Over The Nest, waiting, Asunder, The Floating Life and so on, which were all choreographed by Zhang Xiao XIong.

His choreographing works including The third dimension, The Song , Vegettion. Presented his solo concert Dinner of Luciérnaga in 2011.

He also participated in different art festivals around the world, such as 15E BIENNALE DE LA DANSE LYON, The Montpellier Danse 12 Festival, Beijing Dance Forward Festival, Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Hong Kong Dance Festival, Translation of cross-strait city festival, Beijing Fringe Festival(2006), Taipei Biennial-Dirty Yoga, the 8th Guangdong Modern Dance Festival and AICD Dance Creation Showcase(2006).

About the Company

The Tussock Dance Theater was founded by young choreographer Wu Chien-Wei in 2013. The Company is named after the anthology Tussock by Chinese litterateur Lu Xun, hoping to become unyielding and strong like tussocks. The Tussock Dance Theater aims to be small-scale and exquisite in its production. The Company strives to convey profound meanings in unique style, and to cultivate its vision with precise and delicate works. Based on its native land, it is also building its international prominence. Only one year since its founding, the Company’s first two independent productions Two Bodies (2013) and The Time (2014) have both been nominated by Taishin Arts Awards.