Label No Labels

Making and Showing:ErGao Dance Group
Co-organizer:Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Choreography:He Qiwo, Wang Yan, Zhou Jiajie, Lin Jing
Music:Liang Yiyuan
Installation: Guo Zhenjiang
Lighting Design:Liang Weiqing
Dancers:He Qiwo, Wang Yan, Zhou Jiajie, Lin Jing, An Xiaolong

A search process, like our life, is always in search of, and the answer is probably just looking for the process itself.

"Label No Labels" reveals the pursuit of the beauty of the artist. What is beauty? Is it absolutely standard? Through the works of body, voice, environment, life utensils, collage, choreographer invited the audience together across our perception of everyday things, try out the conventional inertial logic, to find the possibility of "beauty". The impressions and ideas constantly updated, paired, reset, beauty will soon find away, no more than the process of finding more attractive, perhaps that is the ultimate meaning of beauty ".