Savannah Bay

Screenwriter: (France)Margaret Duras

Composer and Dancer:Catherine Robbe-Grillet,Beverly Charpentier


The stage actor Madeleine lost memory in the old life, like a ghost in her drowning daughter living near in the gulf. A young woman came to see her every night, that is her granddaughter, trying to help my grandmother recalled her daughter, his mother the news. From Ma De Lena broken memories and the young woman -- her name is called "Savannah", and supplemented questioning, a 16 year-old girl and a man love looming silhouette. It was a violent death, to love the girl in second days under the daughter to have himself drowned in Savannah bay. The play is divided into five acts, when the show is about 60 minutes long. The play won the 1983 College France Drama Awards (directed by Duras himself). In 2012, the Austria Federation had come to China to play the show.


Catherine Robbe-Grillet (actor Madeleine), born in 1930, French writer, drama and film actor, famous writer Alan robbe Grillet's wife, her novel "image" and "women's festival" non-fiction "bride diary" have Chinese edition version. Beverly Charpentier (Savannah sand woman actor), born in 1962, the French drama writer, actor and novelist, she began occupation theatrical career at the age of 19, written by the French drama "Rabelais one minute" won the Maes prize for drama. More than twenty years ago, she met Catherine Robbe-Grillet,by her charm, she decided to dedicate myself to her, especially after Alan robbe Grillet died she had been with Katerina, doing everything for her. Catherine and Beverly 's interpretation of "Savannah bay" as the 50 anniversary of the establishment of Sino French special art project premiered in China (Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing), by the French Embassy in Guangzhou and the Consulate General in Shanghai support. The performances by Alan and Catherine Robbe-Grillet published and planned and proposed and implemented by Borges's art institutions.